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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Power Zoomies!

Yess! Good Mummy! That's better! Parks are for freerunning! Thank you!

Long workywalkies to church again - via that little park again. Workywalkies all the way. No harness off. No 'Go play' command. Just 'Straight on'. I huffed my disapproval but did my job. There were gazillions of humans there this morning, including hoards of minihumans and microhumans. I got ooodles of fusses! There was also another working dog there too. A Canine Partner working with a lady in a wheelieseat. I tried to say hello in doggy manner, but he didn't want to. He grumped at me so we stayed away from each other.

On the way back, we went via that little park again - I made sure of that! I was told to 'find the way'. I found the RIGHT way! This time, Mum did the proper thing. She asked me to stop. My bum rather whumped down in hopeful anticipation! It worked! Off with the harness. Off with the lead and noseband and.....'Go Play!'. Yayyyhahayyyhahayyyyy! Oooh! that was good and welcome command! It was only a little park, so I had to get in some 'power zoomies' with rolling and back-rubs on the grass built in. All too soon, we reached the other end of the path and it was back on duty, but it was a much happier duty!

Most of the rest of the day has been snoozy Sunday with some bone munching while Mum did some of her funny twiddling with a long tail and a little shiny hookstick thing. (I still haven't found any shaved crows!). I did take Daddy for a leisure walkies so he could exercise his one-eyed-clickybox. We came back soggy! That meant a lovely towelrub! Heehee!

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