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Monday, 4 September 2017

Good Grief! A Shop More Boring than Dullelms!

Ooh! I got a day off! Mum has been fully occupied with some peculiar things; she has been beating up a big blob of gloop on the kitchen worktop, which she then put into an oblong tin and left it. It grew and bulged over the top. Then she put it into the megahot cupboard. She has also spent ages stroking the outside walls of our floatyboatyhome. She rubbed some gloop all over it and then rubbed it all off again! Huh?? What was all that about? Weird! I just laid on the towpath watching her and meeting and greeting all the passing pooch pals.

I haven't exactly been idle all day though. I took Daddy for a long walkies into town. We had to go to a Post Office then to that place Mum calls Geeks' Paradise. Dad says it is really called Maplins and he seems to find the place absolutely enthralling. I had to sit around and lie around and wait and wait and wait while he did that browsing thing at all the boxes and twiddly gadgets on the shelves. Not a single item worth sniffing was to be found. I think I can officially declare it even less interesting that Dullelm! It was a super good walkies though! I was quite happy to lie out on the towpath after that four miler!

My jaws have had some good exercise too - working on my bones. Yes boneS - plural! I have two on the go! Heehee! All the more for decorating the rug with neat little crumbs!

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