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Thursday, 14 September 2017

White Puddles!

I love my Mummy! Look what she bought me! (Photo of me lying on my bed on the sofa. Between front paws is a plastic box pack of 2 fresh beef marrowbones.) I think this means Mummy loves me too!

We've been on a bit of an adventure workywalkies: We left Daddy behind and set off on a ten mile trip of walkies and bus rides to go into Reading and then walkies again to that big Hobbycraft shop. (No minihuman trying to ride me like a horsey this time! Phew!) then all the way back again.

Mum was a but nervous about doing this again because she got us hopelessly lost last time. This time though, she did get a bit of help from her talkybone after she asked it to 'call Tim' (that is Dad). Then we set off again around the big beastie roads and crossings. I had to 'get the button' a few times for Mum at the crossings. I do like doing that. Those buttons dispense yummies!

Mum got a bit hesitant a couple of times because she was a bit disorientated. I just gave her my nuzzle on the leg to tell her 'It's OK. I've got it all under control. Come on. This way'. She was obedient! We made it!

On the way back, I had to 'Find The shop' (Morrisons). That's where Mum allowed me to lead her to the bones counter! She then said 'we need milk too Oaks'. No problem! I found it - and with a bonus: there was a spillage! A delicious white puddle that just begged to be slurped! Mmmmmmm!

Now please excuse me. I have a bone to attend to!

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