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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Dick Inns...

From super pooper to super trouper - all in one day! And now I am super pooped!

Mummy says that six doggy downloads in one morning is a tad excessive! She says it has something to do with having munched a lot of bone yesterday. She says I have had a serious case of bone-bum today. I don't know what she means! I have just done what a doggy has to do! I'm sure she regards it all as very precious anyway - she always picks it up and wraps it very carefully in little bags!

We have done loads of workywalkies, buses and trains today. we have been to that crazy London place again. The vast majority of the workywalkies in London was on routes that are completely new to us all. Mum says I was a super trouper guiding her around it all. She says it proved I 'still have what it takes' when on new territory. I didn't know I had lost it! It was a super good challenge! I do love working someplace new. It is so much more exciting than plodding the same old streets all the time!

We went to some really old place where they had some really old stuff. Some strange car things and other wheelie things, and some of those things that Mum occasionally puts flappy rectangle pack things into. This is when she asks me to 'find the post box'. Very often, when I have found the post box for her on the streets, I get to sniff the weemails on it, but there weren't any on these. They were all indoors. We went to a lady workyhuman and Dad got all miffed. It seems we were supposed to be going on some underground tour and train but it was cancelled and Dad hadn't been sent the weemail on his clicketyfingerstoy or talkybone to tell him.

So, after a snooze under a table in a human yummyery, I guided Mum and Dad to another really old place. This was a really old house where some manhuman used to live who did a huge lot of squiggles in chunks of flappy rectangles. Apparently he was very famous and his name was Dick Inns or something. I just took every opportunity to lie down for a snooze while Mum stood there with funny little ear-boxes on attached to a sort of talkybone thing in her paw. Apparently it was telling her all about the house. Zzzzzzzz...... The ladyworkyhumans there gave me some yummy fusses though. That woke me up a bit for the journey home!

Photo shows me sitting beside Mum in front of a strange ancient red wheelie thing. Mum says it is an old postal carriage at the London Postal Museum.

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