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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Team Towpath Strikes Again!

Yayyy! PROPER towpath workywalkies! We are truly back where we belong!

This morning, Mum and I left Dad to set off with floatyboatyhome. We went walkies. Proper team towpath walkies. Three and a half miles of it. To begin with, it was on really good wide flat towpath surface. Mum finds that easy. After a while though we came to some rougher surface where Mum's pawcovers did a lot of crunching on the gritty stuff. I had to guide her around quite a few huge puddles and some stickyup tree paws too. Eventually, this led onto the narrow, rugged tracks where I really have to strut my stuff. Mum looped my lead through the handle of my harness and gave me the 'Go ahead' command. This is where I walk ahead and Mum follows my waggly bum! A technique we perfected when we were doing our sponsored walk from Bath to Reading 2 years ago. It is not part of standard Guide Dog training. It is something Mum and I have worked on together to adapt to our canal and river world. It works well! I may ...... just ..... perhaps ....... ever-so-slightly ..... take advantage ...... of ..... a few opportunities ...... to .....err ....stop for a sniff ...... and  a few crucial weemail exchanges! Ahem!

Mum was super pleased with me and we really enjoyed that walkies. It was cut a bit shorter than we wanted though - simpy because the blimmin path ran out! We had to stop and wait for Dad to come rescue us on the boat. It was nice to enjoy a lazy cruise after that though - lying on the back deck watching the world slide past.

We are moored in a little patch of poochy paradise now. The river is really wide and there is nothing but open grass beside us! A lazy afternoon of snoozing and meeting and greeting passing pooch pals has been fab!

Photo shows me (viewed from above) lying on the back deck semi-snoozing and watching the water as we glide along. View is of the back of my head, shining in the sunlight, and my shoulders with my 'car-bra' on - bright green strapped harness with a loop on the back. Also, my bright yellow collar is vivid against my black fur. In the background is the slightly greeny-brownish water with light reflecting on it and very slight ripples.

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