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Monday, 18 September 2017

Fish Head...

Oooh! Fishyburps! Mum says I stink of fish too. How very rude is that?

I rather got the impression she wasn't too pleased with me this morning. I took her walkies along the towpath, then through the nature reserve before we headed off to work the lock. Except.....I may have taken a slight diversion! You see.....I thought I would leave Mum in peace to work the lock (it was good light and very very familiar ground so I wasn't particularly needed.) I just got led by my nose. Unstoppable pull it was.....to a manhuman standing on the bank under the bridge. He had one of those megalong bendy sticks with a hugely long whisker coming off the end of it into the water. Beside him was an open bag containing a whole load of little fishies. He had just left them there - all open and wafting their irresistible aroma about. I simply couldn't leave them there to rot could I? I mean ..... that would just be so terribly wasteful! Mmmmmmm...... they were delicious! And the perfume on my whole head is a lovely lasting reminder of such a delicious bit of waste management work!

I seemed to end up permanently attached to my lead, attached to a fence after that! Then Dad gave the manhuman a floppy rectangle to pay for my theft.

We cruised on through Reading on floatyboatyhome, then through another lock where I got seriously barked and growled and snarled at by a pair of pooches behind a fence. I just sat down and watched them get their tails in a twist!

Now we seem to be on a hugenormous waterway. Mum says it is called The Tems. This evening, we went workywalkies and found ourselves on very familiar streets around Reading. I thought we had left Reading! Confused! 
When we set off on our workywalkies it was all nice and fine and dry. Part way along the streets though the sky started leaking all big and fiercely. We got supersoggysoaked. Mum and Dad were squelching in their pawcovers. I jsut hung my head and let the water pour off the end of my nose as we walked. When we got inside a shop though, I managed a superb bigshake and sprayed a good cloud around me! Heehee! Oops! This was after doing one bigshake outside the door when Mum asked me to. It is a bit difficult to shake off much sogginess when the sky is still leaking all over you though.....

Back home aboard our cozy floatyboatyhome, shopping all done, it was great to have a good old towelrub! Mum says she had hoped the rain would wash off the stench of fish.....I don't think it did as good a job as she had hoped though. She went all screwed up in the face when she fussed me......

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