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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Angry Growls!

Maybe I might survive this 'less food' thing for a while. I got a huge carrot today. That helped a bit with the utter starvation! I also got to 'wash up' a little white oblong dish that Mum dropped. It was yummy work. She said something about cream cheese not really being part of a waistline-watching regime. I think it fitted the regime rather nicely actually!

Today has been a taste of our proper floatyboaty life. We have cruised again. First of all a bit of a 'there and back again' route to the squirtysnake place where Dad gave the boat a big drink. I took Mummy workywalkies along the towpath. This started off on nice wide, good path, but soon narrowed to a little rut in the grass. This meant that Mum had to do something we haven't practised for a very long time; she looped my lead through my harness handle and gave me the 'Go ahead' command. I then walked in front of her to guide her in single file. We remembered it! We did good! Team towpath at our bestest! Mummy was super pleased with me. That meant edible praise! Yippee!

We have worked, in total, including the ones we did twice, 5 locks and three swingbridges today. Not a huge number by our old standards, but it was great! Some of it was workywalkies work, some was cruised. That meant I got to lie on the back deck watching the world glide by. When we come to the swingbridges, Mum seems to have taken to letting me ride on them while she heaves them around. She loops my lead over the rails to stop me getting to the edges. She seems to think I might get my paws trapped or something. I don't fancy that, but when a doggypal is freerunning past it does make me squeak when I can't go join in!

We were joined at several of the locks by a group of 6 girliehumans. They were in funny little green pointy boats and were using flat ended sticks to dip into the water. I got to peer down at them from atop the locksides while they were going down.

After the last lock, Mum let me freerun the familiar towpath to our mooring back beside the nature reserve. 'Stay out of the water' she said. I did......at THAT particular bit of water. She didn't say it again when I got just around the corner to another swim-access point! Heeheeheee!

Just after we got moored up, the sky started growling big and angry growls. Then the big bad leakyskies started too. I'm glad we weren't still out workywalkiesing in that!

2 photos:
Me riding on the swingbridge while Mum opens it.

Me lying atop the lockside with the funny little pointy green boatlets down at the bottom of the lock below me.

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