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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Squeak and Protest!

Loadsaplay That was the way to start a day!

I do rather like this idea of mooring beside a field where lots of pooch pals pass by! It meant a party right outside the door! I got to play with sooooo many pals I didn't even get chance to stop and ask names! Well....actually such things really don't matter to us dogs! We greet in a more sensible and civilised manner than humans, then simply get on with the important business of romping and chasing and boxing and sniffing and weemailing!

I even got to carry on the fun for a bit as we headed off to the shops. Well.... when the route starts off across the fields Mum takes pity on me and lets me freerun until we reach somewhere where she needs me to keep her out of mischief! On a field, there is little for her to bump into. In town there are all sorts of obstacles that I have to guide her around; kerbs, crossings, lampposts, signs, chairs and tables, vehicles and loads of other 'clutter' on the pavement. I think I did good today. I guided Mum into a red-and-white-striped shop. She got me a juicy fresh bone! Yummmmm!

Another freerun back across the field was just nice to set me up for lying on deck again while we cruised off. I am not too happy about these locks on this River Tems thing. I don't get to work them with Mum! Mum just stands in the bowdeck and holds the boat's lead, Dad does the same on the backdeck and the gates and water seem to do themselves! There is no 'Find the beam'. No 'find the bollard'. No sitting watching Mum do all the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. No greeting passing pooch pals. No absorbing admiring fusses from passing humans. All I get to do is to stay on the back deck and squeak my protest!

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