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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Silly Lady!

You do all know that I'm jesting when I moan about my life, don't you? It's all tongue-in-jowl stuff. I love my life really.

When I took Mummy workywalkies today (a super good workywalkies it was too - just Mum and me on a mission to Pets R Us! Yessssss!!!!), a ladyhuman stopped us and got all stroppy with Mummy. It seemed to me like a human snappy-snarly kind of yipping. She was going on about how horrible Mummy is to make me work all the time. She said it is really cruel and mean to have slave animals like Guide Dogs all trapped into a life of non-stop work and no chance to be a real dog. Mummy was all upset and tried to tell her it is not true but she stomped off before listening. I gave Mummy my waggiest loves and made her feel happier again. I think she must have been OK because she got me some new toy things from Pets R Us. She also rescued me when my harness got me trapped under the shelf! Oops! Well....there was a yummy under there....I couldn't leave it to rot could I?

Please do share this post and spread the woof that we Guide Dogs really are a happy family. We are much happier than a lot of pet dogs. We don't get left outside shops and other places. We very rarely get left home alone, and, if we do, it is only for a very brief time. We get to go into all sorts of places that pet dogs are not allowed. Whenever we are working, we are going walkies; how good is that? Our job is all about doing a dog loves doing most; going walkies! Walkies with a purpose is even better! We are super intelligent and love to use our brains. That is exactly what we do every time our harness goes on. We get the best possible health care, good food in what the humans call just the right quantities to keep us at our optimum weight (I am a Labrador - I simply have to dispute this point! I could simply NEVER be fed enough!.....), we have a team of humans all looking out for our welfare, health, happiness and wellbeing. Above all, we get loads of 'downtime' to relax, have fun and just be dogs.

We are not slaves. We do it all willingly and happily. We love our job and our humans. If any of us ever have a problem, the team of humans come to our aid and, if/when we get to a point when we have had enough of our jobs, then we get to retire. Even then, they still care about us. We NEVER end up unloved, unwanted or suffering. We are looked after from our very beginning to our very end, from nose to tail.


  1. What a stupid, ignorant person! I have known several guide dogs over the years belonging to my friend who has no vision, and can completely endorse "Oakley's" comments. It always amazes me that when the harness is on they snap into 'work mode', but when it is off they are as daft and zoomy as any Labrador!! Keep up the good work spreading information about Guide Dogs and this attitude will be a thing of the past. We look forward every day to hearing about what Team Towpath has been up to.

  2. Oh Tracey how awful for you. As someone who knows you, Tim and (most importantly, Oakley (I am sure you won't mind being downgraded!) we absolutely know that none of what that ignorant woman said is true. Oakley (and all his colleagues) have a far better life than a lot of pets. As Oakely says, they are rarely left and have first class treatment from their birth to the day they die. Oakley is a fantastic dog who works really well and also knows how to play. Dogs need to be kept occupied and a working dog is far more filled than most pets. I know our Monty has a much better life in the summer when he is on the boat and 'supervising' me working the locks (I might just get it all wrong you know!) than he does in the boring winter when we are at home. Give Oakley a few extra pats from us. Jennie, Chris and Monty xx