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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Black Country Living Museum.

Old places! Lot of old fusty places! Nose-tickling corners. Miles of workywalkies. Yummy hooverings. Fusses and admirations. That about covers today. Oh...and Mummy failed again to yield to my bestest attempt to guide her in the right direction.

A workywalkies, a bus ride and then another workywalkies took us to a place we've been to before. Mum says it is called the Black Country Living Museum. She says it was a special day for 'Disability Access' or something...... It started off with a session in a big room with seats and some humans doing yacketying up front with black lollipops. Then we set off out around the huge place. There was loads of big green spaces and I did get a bit hopeful that it might be freerun territory, but no! It was miles and miles of workywalkies territory going in and out of all sorts of nose-tickly, sneezy old buildings. Don't get me wrong - it was all good and enjoyable workywalkies - especially the long stretched out in the open areas, but oooooh that green stuff did look appealing......
We had a ride of a really old lumpety bumpety red bus with no door on the back. I usually have a lie down on a bus, but I had to sit up on this one - it was too bumpy-jiggly to stay down!

We went into a human yummyery. Mummy and Daddy munched on yummies from a sort of floppy white pointy thing - not off of the round flat dishes that they usually use. Mummy dropped a few little morsels my way - white superscrummy flaky stuff and a couple of yellow sticks. Nom Nom Nom!!! I do like having a messy Mummy! When we went outside i managed to find quite a few more of those yellow sticks to hoover and I mastered the knack of gently guiding Mum toward them before she realised why we were heading that way! Heehee! Welll.....all that workywalkies worked up an appetite!

At the end, we went back into the big room we started in and I got to enjoy a great self-massage on the carpet while Mum did a load of yacketying with other humans. I got some more good fusses too and a bit of a lie-down for a short while.

Then, I did my duty and guided Mummy back ot the bus stop, found her a seat on the bus and off again at the right stop. We then went to a big boring shop called Homebase where Daddy spent ages staring at all sorts of white tubes before we walked out again with nothing! The route back across the carpark was where Mummy failed to follow my guidance. I tried so very hard to take her across to the right, but she was seriously insistent on going 'straight on' - totally the wrong way. Pets R Us is off to the right! I tried every possible route back to the correct direction but Nope! She totally insisted she was right and I was wrong! Harrumph!

4 photos from the Black Country Living Museum:
Me sitting in harness with a  lady policebob pointing at me and holding a stick she wouldn't let me play with.
Oooh! This kind of pose! A 'sit' pose in front of that big red flappy thing I almost knocked over! Oops!
Photo pose time in the big room, in front of a big red banner.
My bestest pose! Posed perfectly for a belly rub! Oooh.....up a bit Mum....yeah.....just there......oooh yes!!

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