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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Doesn't look like my Daddy...

My jaws are well exercised today!

It has mainly been a bone day! MmmMMMmmmm Nom Nom Nom!

I took Daddy walkies into town. Apparently he wants his talkybone back (it has been at the talkybone vets) but, after sitting and waiting in the talkybone shop, they didn't have it so we will have to go back again maybe tomorrow.

Much more important though, I took him to the yummiest stall in the market and he got me a huge bone! Thanks Daddy!

It was so mega huffyfuffy cold that I had to wear my padded numptycoat and Daddy bought a long flat rectangle thing that he wrapped around his head and face. He didn't look like my daddy! But it was OK. He walked like my daddy and we made it home OK.

The rest of the day has been spent doing some serious jaw-workout exercise in the cozy warmth of floatyboatyhome.

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