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Friday, 2 March 2018

In My Best Interests...

Oh the shame!

'It's in your best interests' she says.

Since when has my street cred NOT been in my best interests?!!!

Still, I think it was worth enduring the numptycoat for the chance to play loonyzoomies in the white fluffy world - twice! Heehheee!!

Before we set off into town, Mum let me 'burn off my excitement' by having a crazy few minutes of zoomies in the sort of parky area by our moorings. Ooh! It was fun running and rolling and bucking and spinning! I don't know what it is about this white stuff but it does bring out the puppy in me!

After a good old loonytime, Mum asked me to 'head in' to my harness, then, when she had adjusted it to make it fit over my numptycoat, we set off workywalkies into town. First stop was the Vodabone shop to get Daddy's talkybone back. We were in there for ages! I dripped a pretty impressive puddle on the floor in all that time! Then we went to the EeekEeek shop, where Mum asked the workymanhuman for some help with her talkybone.

Next was a bit of a roundabout route around town to a place that was closed. Maybe we will go back there another day and I will find out what excitement lies behind those doors!

Then came the second fun bit: We walked back via a bridge that led to the towpath. Familiar territory - but oh so different all covered in white fluff! That's when Mum took off my harness and lead again and I got to enjoy some more loonyzoomies! This white stuff just HAS to be rolled in and snuffled through and it just is soooooo much fun! My fun made lots of human mouths go up at the corners! Even better reason to do more!! Heehee!

This evening, I took Daddy walkies again and it was even deeper in white stuff. Daddy complained that it was hard work! I had no such problem! It was great!

When we got back, Mummy stopped me at the door and launched a serious attack on my paws, legs and belly with a wet cloth! She says that is in my best interests too (something about the yuckyslush on the roads and pavements). I suspect it also has something to do with the fact that she has clearly been stroking the floor - I can smell it!

5 photos of me in my yellow hi-viz fleece-lined numpty coat all in snow. 
Sitting looking straight up at camera.

Sitting looking off to the side.

Loonyzooming to Mummy in the middle of a big white expanse.

My best view! Head down, bum up - rolling on the towpath.

Standing having a sniff in front of Mum - there is always a tiny hope of a dropped yummy......

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