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Friday, 9 March 2018

Lovely Towelrub.

Waddyamean "Not today. Straight on?" But....but....but - that's Pets R Us! We cannot possibly not need to go in! Mum you are sooooo wrong! How could you? I mean.....even the door opened as we got near......that means we HAVE to go in.....

Huff! She meant it though! We didn't go in. I did my bestest big huff and put on my ploddyest ploddypaws but it didn't work. We went straight on by and into a boring humanfursubstitutes shop instead! And then, to add to the torture, the same insistent command met my ears on the way back again! More big huff and more ploddypaws made no difference. I kept up the ploddypaws......for a few paces......but then the excitement of new route, new territory got the better of me.

We've spent a lot of today on a bus, but with some good workywalkies bits interspersed too. At this end of the bus ride, it is all very exciting and I need to strut my stuff super good for Mummy as it is a whole new place. At the other end of the bus journey, we were on familiar territory again, in Bumingham city centre, but we did go on some routes even there that Mummy was less familiar with and so I had to make sure I kept her out of trouble.

There was one stretch of pavement, on our new territory, where there were lots and lots of cars parked on the pavement. There wasn't enough space for Mum and me to got through in our normal and proper side-by-side working positions. I had to do my 'Go ahead' thing for Mummy. This was a bit nerve-wracking because I usually only do this on narrow stretches of towpath, not beside really busy roads. We did it though! We made it through!

The towelrub was lovely when we got home - it almost made the soggy end to our workywalkies worth doing. Working under leakyskies is never fun though.

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