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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Dead Good Day!

Snow play, Slushy-mushy workywalkes, a really old place and a cozy new bed. Yep! That sums up today!

Mummy let me have a loony time in the deep white fluffy stuff all over the 'garden' by our moorings. When it is all so very white, Mum finds it difficult to navigate so, a couple of times, she kind of half tumbled when she stepped forward and her back paw disappeared up the bendy bit in the middle! (She was OK though. No ouches or anything). Do you know how difficult it is to find just the right place for a doggy download? Everywhere looks and smells the same! I found the right spot though - about as far away from Mum as I could get - so she had to do that really funny human-penquin walk all the way! Heehee!

Mum picked up pawfuls of white stuff and scrunched it into a ball, then threw it for me to go fetch. It disappeared into all the rest of the fluff! I got quite good at catching them though when she threw them up in the air in my direction. I didn't need to 'fetch it back' so I munched it away! That made mouths of passersby turn upwards! Heehee!

Game over and time to go into town. Workywalkes was really hardgoing because the white fluff was all brown yucky slush mush and Mummy found it ever so difficult to walk on. This made me a bit tense and tense makes me a bit tuggy-anxious! It wasn't our bestest workywalkies, but we managed it with help from Daddy.

The really old place was called the Coffin Museum. It had some long boxes in it and lots of strange things that Mum says were machines for making coffin handles and other fitments. Apparently this was very interesting..... hmmmmm..... well..... I got some fusses and admiration, especially form the manhuman who did lots of yacketying, for guiding Mum around the difficult surroundings - including up and down some very narrow steep stairs and in a dark room with a huge clanky machine in it. I suppose there were a few interesting-ish smells but these old places all smell.... well... old!

Next stop was Daddy's toyshop - Maplins. (Mum calls it Geeks' paradise). Now THAT really is boring! Not a thing worth sniffing! Thankfully we didn't stay toooooo long! Then we were off to the strange shop with no shelves. 'Find Argos' seems to be the right command to follow. In there, Mum got a new toy to wear on her front leg, near her paw. She says it will help her to get a Bit Fit or something..... We also got my new bed!

So, after the sloshy-mushy trog back through town, I welcomed another bit of a playtime in the 'garden' before getting to try out my new bed. It is super cozy-comfy!

3 photos
Me waiting while Mum listens to all the yacketying by a big table covered in coffin fitments.

Getting fusses and admiration from the manhuman who did all the yacketying to everyone.

Me in my cozy new bed.

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