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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Squished Ball.

We've had a largely resty day today. Well.... sort of..... Mummy has been doing 'Mummy' stuff in the kitchen all day (she failed dismally though - she didn't drop anything worth having!). I took Daddy leisure walkies this morning, while floatyboatyhome was having a big drink from the squirtysnake.

Then, we cruised - at first just around the corner to meet a manhuman who squirted stinkystuff through a different squirtysnake into into the hole in the boat's bum end. Then we set off on a longer cruise. It was a very slow and noisy cruise. Floatyboatyhome was crunching a lot of the way and making the hard lid on the water go ping pyoing crunch scrunch.

I did have to help Mummy to work three locks - and I got a squished ball out of one of them - it now seems to be in lots of little bits! Ahem! Oops!

On a different note - some folks have been asking for the link to our Brighton Tenkay shinydisks-raising thingy. It is pinned to the top of my page, but here it is anyway for those who have asked.

Mum says today was a resting day from the training - especially after a mega day yesterday. I shall get her in training again tomorrow though!


Photo shows me and Mum at the top of a lock, waiting, by the beam, for Daddy to glide floatyboatyhome in so Mum can shut the gate and then do her windy-uppy thing at the other end, to make the water get deeper inside.

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