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Monday, 12 March 2018

Take Me to the Mud!

I woz conned! I don't think I will ever trust Daddy again! That was a mean rotten trick.

I did my duty in workywalkiesing Mummy (with Daddy tagging along too) into the big shoppy place. I did as Mummy asked; 'Find Costa'. We went in and found some human friends at the back. Mummy removed my harness then sat down and started yacketying. Daddy said 'Come on Oaks. Let's go find Pets at Home'. Well..... no second asking required for that one! I set off with Daddy, tail in a major wag! We went into Pets R Us, which was just along the pavement a little way from Costa. I was all happy and excited...... then Daddy took me into another room inside. It smelled worrying..... frothystuff smell! Uh-oh!

Then, Daddy did the meanest thing of all; he handed my lead to the ladyworkyhuman and he offed and left me! I tried my hardest to follow him and point out his error, but to no avail. I was abandoned to the froth-attack.

Not only a froth attack though; a 'luxury' froth attack apparently, then a hufferfuffer assault, then a lughole scrub-out and a fangs-frothing too! I think I got well and truly poofed up!

Now.....where's the nearest super-stinky mud? .....

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