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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Bed Testing!

Tasty nose!

Before church this morning, I got to enjoy a romp around in the whitefluff all over the 'garden' by our moorings. I found a big lump of white stuff all piled up. In it was a yummy carrot. It was delicious! Mummy said I ate the snowman's nose! Well, I could leave a juicy carrot to go to waste could I?

After church, I got another chance for a romp around there and this time I found two buddies to romp with! It was a great game of chase even though one of my pals only had three legs! It didn't seem to make him any slower!

After humanlunch, we got visitors; two ladyhumans; one was Susan who came before and this time she brought her mum too. They didn't stay long but they did do good fusses!

After that, we went for the bestest bit of the day: a FREERUN along the towpath - quite a long way along a route we haven't been before! Some bits were still all white and slippy underpaw, some were slushymushy and some were just wet and sploshy. The white slippy bits proved once again that sturdy-4-paws is far superior to slippy-2-paws. Mummy really struggled to walk on it. I had absolutely no problem!

On our way home again the sky started leaking its normal wet stuff so I got a super towelrub when we got back! Now, if you will excuse me, I will leave you to check out the photos of the day while I check out my new bed - it needs more testing!

Photos and a video:
Me enjoying a sniff on the towpath beside the frozen canal.

Mum, me and our visitors today.

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