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Monday, 5 March 2018

The Boys are Back in Town!

Me and my Brother!!

Wow! I met my brother Oliver!

It was after a looooong workywalkies to take Mum and Dad to Mr ClunkyClicky HumanVet, then the bus ride back to town. It was as we were workywalkiesing again from town to home that I spotted a colleague ahead! As we drew nearer, there was that unmistakable 'cannot resist' feeling and we both perhaps forgot our manners ever so slightly and pulled our respective humans onto the right path so we could meet and greet. Of course, we dogs simply did the dignified and proper thing of giving each other a good sniff and licks around the chops. The humans, on the other hand just did their yacketying thing. In a split second, Oliver and I knew all we needed to know, but the humans finally established that we share a birthday and doggy parents, so that makes us brothers! We haven't seen each other since we were tiny puppies but I think I heard Mummy and Oliver's humandaddy (BJ) mention something about maybe getting together for a play! Oooooh! How good will that be? Do it Mummy. Do it....please......

Photo of me and Oliver sitting side by side on a brick surfaced pavement area with my Mummy and Daddy and Oliver's Daddy, BJ standing around us.

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