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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Frequent Ear Rubs.

Wow! Mum says I have 2300 fans now and my 2300th fan is my brother, Oliver's humandaddy, BJ. Welcome Uncle BJ!

Mum says we've workywalkiesded 10.5 miles today, and she was compooperated afterwards! I don't know what's wrong with her! I'm ready and waiting to go walk another 10.5 miles!

First of all it was a trip to Morrisons. I sooooo nearly got myself a yummy treat in there. Someone had left one of those little carry-cage things on the floor with a big lump of red deliciousness on the top of it! Well....it was right there - at my level - all abandoned - just begging to be rescued from that cage....... Mummy was a meanie! She somehow knew what I was thinking and tugged my head away just at that crucial moment! She said I shouldn't help myself to rump steak from someone's basket! Harruummppphhhh!

Actually, Mummy was a bit of a meanie all day; She seemed to be concentrating far too hard on where I was aiming my nose and kept on telling me 'Leave it' and tugging me away from my street-cleaning duties! Huff! She did give me a tiny yummy when I did 'leave it'. I'm not sure if it was sufficient compensation though!

The second trip out was the looooooong one! We set out across town and went to a really old fustymusty place. It seems these old places are 'fascinating mewsiums'. Hmmmm..... fascinating I don't think! A challenging job for me is more like it. Steep twisty stairs, narrow doorways and lots of obstacles to guide Mummy around. Then, when I did get to investigate the occasional corner it made my nose explode! Mum says today's visit was to the Bumingham Back to Back houses. There was a manhuman doing lots of yacketying which apparently was interesting. There was also a nice ladyhuman who was doing all the listening, like Mum and Dad did, but she had some wonderful fusses and ear-rubs to offer at frequent intervals!

Before heading back home for my dinner, I had to guide Mum yet further away - to the outside of some old building - just for Daddy to point his one-eyed-clickybox at it! Then we went into a talkybone shop on the way home. (Apparently Mum's talkybone is a bit naff - whatever that means!). Finally, we got home; past my dinnertime! I survived just long enough to make it to my bowl. Mummy says she gave me a tiny bit extra to make up for all my hard work today. I am not convinced.....it didn't last any longer......I'm sure she must have forgotten the extra bit - or maybe she even forgot the main bit and that is yet to come...... .I shall just have a little lie down and wait in hope.........zzzzzzzz.

Photo shows Mum and me outside the shop of the Bumingham Back to Backs.

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