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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Shiny bits under the Sloshbowl!

Lazy bones day today.

Lazy for Mummy. Bones for me! Yummy!

Mummy said a rest day from all the walking was a good plan today for her - to give her hurty back paws a break. She says she would like to point out that she most certainly hasn't been idle though, but has done lots of domesticals.

I took Daddy for a walkies to a big shop where he spent aaaaages yacketying to the workymanhuman and workyladyhuman. Eventually, after some fusses for me, we left complete with a few little bits of white tube and huge long (taller than Daddy) white tube. When we got back, he used a funny little to-and-fro zizzystick thing to cut a tiny bit off of the long tube. It was not even as big as my paw, but he says that is all he needs, but he had no choice but to buy the whole length! He then disappeared into the bathroom and used some strange toys to fix the bits of white tube and some shiny bits too under the sloshbowl. I watched him on and off, but I really have no idea what that was all about! Humans are so odd!

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