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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wayyyyhayyyy - Sleeeeeepover!

Wooooohooooo! I'm on a sleepover! With a long lost doggypal. I haven't seen Monty for aaaaaages! Monty is awesome fun! I remember him from when we meeted and greeted and played on the towpath last year. I had to endure a long drive to get here but it has been soooooo worth it!

We have been for a fantabulous 3.5 mile long freerun together along a towpath. A towpath where I've never been before. It was wonderful fun! I found a huuuuuge puddle. Monty's mum says it is called a reservwaaah. I just checked it out - very briefly - just a quick swim - followed by a great big shake. I failed to shower anyone though. Must try harder next time.

I borrowed Monty's bowl for my dinner then I persuaded Monty's Mum to let me dispose of some carrot trimmings for her. I even got groomed by Mum in Monty's garden. After human yummies, I had to leave Monty behind while I workywalkied Mum to a yackety session. We went into a big room with lots of ladyhumans all sitting on rows of chairs. I got lots of fusses and admiration - and a chance for a snooze while Mum did a load of yacketying from the front of the room. She was telling them all about how amazing I am (Well.... what else could she possibly tell them?!!). There was a flappy white wall behind us and Dad in front of us with a big bright light in a box. Dad was doing something with his clicketyfingers toy and pictures of me were appearing and disappearing on the flappy wall. It was most odd, but I was happy to receive all the fuss and admiration!

Now, I am borrowing one of Monty's beds and am very ready to zzzzzz.......

Monty (black and white border collie) and me sitting by a lock beam. We are looking towards the left hand side of the picture with the canal behind us and a lock in the distance.

Monty and me in Monty's lounge. Monty is in his bed and I am lying on a big red fluffy rug. We are both having a good chew on rawhide rings.

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  1. Monty says it was great to see you too Oakley and thank you for the rawhide rings. It was also good to see your Mum and Dad xx