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Friday, 24 March 2017

I might, Just Possibly, Have a Bone...

I got a bone! I got a bone! I got a bone! Yayyyy! I got a bone! Yummmmmmmyummmm!

I think I blimmin well deserved it too! Dad tried to starve me this morning! I went out to do my morning download and came back to ....NO BREAKFAST! Hooooowwwwwllllll! I had to wait .....like.....forever...... until the manhumans arrived at the boatymendyhouse place. My nosh had been locked away in their big shed! I don't know how I survived that half an hour! I had no choice but to go back to bed to conserve what little energy I had left! Waaaaaaahhhhh!

I did eventually get refuelled - no extra portions to make up for the serious delay though! I think this was all very unfair! But I did survive.....just! Refuelled, I managed to muster the energy to take Mum walkies to Padworth Meadow for a quick round of catching up on the local weemail gossip. Dad met us there in the car and whisked us away to Newbury. There I had to workywalkies Mum around town. We went into the shinydisks shop (Mum said it is called NatWest) where I got to enjoy a snooze on the carpet in a room while Mum and Dad did some yacketying with a manhuman.

Next stop was the bestest! 'Find the butcher' said Mum. Well now, that was a command worth obeying! We whizzed straight to the red and white striped shop! Mum did the good and just thing of asking Mr Meatyman for a big marrowbone! Yessssss! It was for me! Oooh! That bag did smell good as it came within sniff-range! Of course, I had to finish my workywalkies duties (two more installments after this one around town - the others were really mundane - including a trip around Dullelm again!) and get back to our floatyboathome before I got to actually attack my bone. Well...a bit of it anyway... Mum has put two big knobbly knuckles into the very cold white cupboard. I just got the long tube bit today - but I supervised very closely so I know there are two more bits to come!
I got a fair while to attack my bone while Mum and Dad ate their dinner - then I had to leave it behind while we went out again this evening. Now, after an evening of snoozing at the home of some nice humans we know and love from church, we are back and I have just enough energy left to try to get that last bit of yummy gooey stuff out of the middle.

I think I can forgive Dad now - just about - because I GOT A BONE! Yayyyyy!

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