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Friday, 24 March 2017

I'll Give Her "Bumbling Twerp"...

Bump. Mmmnnhhmmmzzzzzzz. Bump. "Hahahahhaha....you daft dog! Just lie down!" That's all the sympathy I get for falling asleep sitting up and wobbling over to bump my bonce on the wall!

I'm too tired to lie down. I'm quite content to sit here and not move a muscle......Bump....Oh! all right then....shove over a bit Mum. I shall avail myself of your lap for a pillow.

It has been a great day today. The biggest workywalkies for ages! We left Dad aboard our floatyboatyhome and I had to guide Mum to the bus stop on the big busy road here in Aldermaston. We waited a few minutes then the bus came and I guided Mum aboard and found her a seat. We rode quite a long way on the bus and got off when it stopped rumbling in Newbury Bus Station. I then worked my paws off guiding Mum all around town. In and around loads of shops. Most of them were boring - she seemed to be doing loads of that browsing thing - mainly in shops that have lots of fursubstitutes hanging everywhere. I did manage to invite myself for some nice fusses from several humans in those shops. In one of them, there were lots of humans moving things all over the place. Mum says there were rearranging the displays. All I know is that I had to work super hard stopping Mum poking her eyes on all sorts of sticky-out shiny prongs and things. The workyhumans in there were really nice though; they helped Mum and then made some wonderful fusses of me!

After all the boring shops I managed to escort Mum to the other side of town to the bestest shop: Pets At Home! Yippee! A nice manhuman came and got down on his knees beside me. I was soooo sure it was because he wanted my loves, but no! He was helping Mum to fit me with a new bra! Mum says it is for when I am not wearing my workywalkies smart white Guide Dog harness. For times when I am out on the towpath but off duty. She told the manhuman that it is because I am sometimes a bit of a bumbling twerp! How rude! She says that I have no idea how big my own bum is! She says that is why I have a tendency to fall into the canal sometimes! She says the new bra will enable me to be lifted out easily and safely again in places where I can't climb out by myself. Hmmmm.....I shall have to let you know how this idea goes.......

Bumbling twerp indeed! So rude!

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