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Friday, 3 March 2017

I'm a Star!

It would seem that I am sooooo very many different things!
OK. Im a dog - I know that.
Apparently I am also a Labrador. That's clear.
And a Guide Dog. Yeah....
I have been called a pickle, a little wotsit, a tinker, a monkey, buggalugs, sodchops, toerag, smartRs, cleverclogs, good boy, clever boy, amazing, fantastic, astounding.......to name but a few.
Now, it seems, I am also a STAR! Well, call me Twinkle then!

We have spent the last couple of days in a house with a hissing furball AND Microhuman Hallie! I almost managed to clean up the yummies foolishly left by the hissing furball, but Rosie was a meanie - she put it upstairs and closed the cage thing across the stairs - the smell was torture and there was no way I could get to the source of the torture. The hissing furball himself was also trapped the other side of the cage thing so there was no way I could sort him out either!

Little Hallie has very inquisitive front paws - and now she doesn't seem to be staying so safely in one place anymore (she seems very proficient in moving on all fours - proof that it is betterthan the big humans' way of getting up on two paws!). I wasn't safe anywhere - she keep coming to find me! I rolled over and surrendered - she poked and prodded all areas! She does seem to be worth learning to tolerate though, especially when she is in her little chair on sticks. There is a good supply of yummies to be hoovered from underneath her! I got quite a feast - especially when she discovered that it was fun to shower me with nosh!

Yesterday, Mum and I were left to look after Hallie. Dad disappeared in a big box on wheels, and Rosie and James went to London. Mum decided that, as it was a nice afternoon, we should go out. Well, I was certainly not disappointed at that idea! She put Hallie in her wheelieseatbed, harnessed me up and off we set. I had to guide Mum in the same way as I do when we go to a foodyshop and she gets one of the cages on wheels: She takes the handle off my harness, but leaves the white and yellow bra bit on me, then she holds my lead in her left front paw - whilst also holding the handle. Then we walk slower than usual, she gives me the usual commands of things like 'find left', 'find right', 'straight on' etc and she follows me. Yesterday, I did all of this as well as slowing down carefully on approach to kerbs, then stopping when we got to it. I was actually walking so that my head was just in front of the wheelieseatbed, so I stopped so that Mum didn't push Hallie out into the road. I've got used to allowing extra width when I walk on Mum's left and Dad is on her right, and when we used to walk around with Granny in her wheelieseat, I learned to give extra space, so working with Hallie's wheelieseatbed was easy.
Mum was super impressed with me and that was why she called me a star!
It seems that stars get to guide their charges into a park and then enjoy a freerun and a play with the local pooches too! I think I like being a star! One of the local pooches was a yellow labrador called Poppy, and there was a GSD called Sacha. We had a fantabulous game of chase together.

The star duty continued on a trip to the huge Tesco's. Going around there was a doddle! It is familiar territory and Hallie's wheelieseatbed was smaller than one of the foodcagewheelies.

Missions accomplished, we went back to Rosie and James's house and I enjoyed a bit of a snooze in the garden. I think I deserved the sausages that Hallie showered me with! Yummmmmmyyyyy!

Now, after a human yummyery trip with Papa, a long workywalkies with Mum on a completely new route, a trip to meet a manhuman Mum says is called a Sillysociter or something (I just snoozed on the carpet while the inevitable yachetying went on), and, of course, the long car ride, we are back aboard our temporary floatyboatyhome. Time for this star to enjoy sofasnuggles with Mummy!

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