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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

No Bone, I say. No Bone!!!

Had a few lucky escapes today.

The first one was from our floatyboatyhome this morning. Don't worry, it hasn't done a glub glub! Richard the boatymendyman came aboard again though - with his noisy vvvvrrrrrr and ddddrrrrrr toys. We went out and left him to it! Phew!

Second escape was from that place with loads of frothmonster machines and hot-huffetyfuff machines. Not only did I escape those beastie monster, but also a pair of minihumans who seemed to want to get way too close and familiar! Mum stayed and fed the frothmonsters with all the fursubstitutes and towels. I took Daddy for a civilised walkies around town. Mum said ti would be easier all round that way. I think she was right

The third escape was from a terrffying squirtysnake thing. Dad took us in the car (the one that used to be Rosie's and is now our's) to some manhumans who attacked it with a really noisy supersquirt snake, then they scrubbed it and stroked it and frothed it, then supersquirted it again, then they started attacking the inside with a noisy suckymonster that ate all the grit and grime off the floor and seats. They even attacked the boot! How rude! That was my grubby boot! At least Dad saved my bed from the suckymonster. I escaped this, first of all, by hiding under a chair, then by taking Mum workywalkies to the other side of town! That was a good escape

I was well miffed though. Mum said 'let's go find the butchers'. I did! straight to the red-and-white-stripy shop - but it was closed! That meant - NO BONE! Hoooooooowwwwwwllllllll! Instead, I had to 'find Tesco'. Not the same! Still no bone! Huffffff.

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