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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New Bra...

I kept a low profile. Mum seems to have gone into some kind of strange overdrive putting everything away in boxes in cupboards.... I don't want to get put away!

The froth monster machine has been fed with two lots of innocent victims today too. One lot of fursubstitutes and one lot of towels. I'm never going to get myself fed to that monster. Everything that comes out of it seems to get hung up by little clippy things. I really don't fancy being clipped up by my ears!

Actually, I got to spend some time out on the towpath munching my big bone! Mum put my new bra on me and hooked my lead onto it. That meant I couldn't join any passing doggypals on their walkieses. I thought that was a bit mean, but it was nice to lie out there and meet and greet them all. I didn't let anyone else get my bone though! That's mine .... all mine! 

Mum pointed her talkybone at me and tried to take a photo but she says it is a naff picture so she will try again another time. The new bra is OK. It is quite comfy enough to curl up for a snooze so I think I can get used to it.

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