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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Phew! What a busy day...

Pahahahahahaha! Silly Silly Silly Mummy!

This morning, she gave me the most thorough grooming attack that I have had in ages. She said I needed to be super smart and respectable for today. She is soooo daft! I soon sorted it out though. A quick swim in the canal dealt with that daft smart appearance thing! I got my timing just perfect - I zoomed ahead to just the right distance so she couln't quite get to me in time to grab my collar. She yelled "Stay out of the water" just that smidgen of a moment too late! Heeheeheeheehee! And I got her good and proper with my big shake as I climbed out again! I'm definitely not as silly as Mum is daft! Or - maybe the other way around....???

Anyway, we carried on to Padworth Meadow (you see, I have spent weeks working up to this - lulling Mum into a false sense of security - never before have I gone for a swim on the way TO the meadow. Only on the way back). I enjoyed a lovely romp around there - caught up on a fair few weemail exchanges between me and the local pooches. I tried very hard to persuade a Border Collie called Flash to play with me. I even offered him the ball I found, but he doesn't do playing, so I just squeaked the ball until it had no squeak left in it.

Dad, once again, picked us up in the car and we set off on a looooong drive. We finally arrived on familiar territory: the place where we went a year and a half ago for Debbi and Ryan's wedding. This time, I remembered the way and guided Mum straight to the door of the building. Inside, we found loads of humanfriends that we haven't seen for a very long time! My tail did a lot of wagging! After meetings and greetings, we went to a big table, where I lay down underneath in the middle. From there, I had a perfect view of all around - great for hoovering every morsel that got dropped! Not that many did though - except for a few tasty offerings from a minihuman! It seems that the occasion was something called Mik and Sue's Golden Annieservery or something. Some people did some lollipop yacketying and then it was time for goodbyes again.

Next stop was a brief visit to Rosie, James and microhuman Hallie. Hallie seemed to be whizzing around rather efficiently on all four paws - and she also seemed determined to chase me and try to get hold of the bells on my collar! Eeek! At least I got my dinner there though. So that bit was good!

Next came a brief visit to Papa. That was a tasty visit! Papa had left a carrot lying on a chair. Well....I couldn't leave it there to rot could I? Yummmm! I also sniffed out another yummy that he had carelessly left on the floor! Thanks Papa!

Before the long journey home again, I got a brief walk around a field in the dark. it was good to have a chance for a sniff around - and to empty my tanks too!

Now, back home, the hotbox is glowing nicely and, if you will excuse me, I need to get Mum shifted off my bed. I need to dream up my next set of tactics for sorting out any daft plans that Mum might have for me......

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