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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Full of Hope!

"Stay out of the water" said Mum. I did as I was told - I stayed out of THAT bit of water. She said nothing about the next bit though - just a few paces further along the canal - the next wade-in-able bit..... Oooh! that was a good swim! It got me a good towel rub when we got back to the boat too! Heeheee!

It has been an eventful day: a lovely wander with Mum along the towpath this morning - leading to a great freerun in Padworth meadow. There I met huge GSD George and had a brief game of chase, then, a bit further on around the meadow, I found four Border Collies - Boss, Armani, Klein and Gucci. They were superb fun too!

Back aboard our floatyboatyhome, all sorts of strange things went on - Richard the boaty-mendy-man was in and out, on and off all day - bringing various noisy toys and bits of woody stuff. The warmrain room is under attack from all of his dddddrrrrrring and vvvvvrrrrrring today! I stayed curled up on the little bit of sofa I could actually get to!

We went out and left Richard to all his noisy toys and headed off in the car. We ended up in Newbury where I had to 'Find Specsavers'. This visit was most odd; I stayed in the waityseats area with Mum while DAD went off into a little room. When he came back, he put various sets of eyewindows on his face, then took one set to the ladyhuman at the desk. This was most unusual. I thought Specsavers was just for Mum!

We wandered around a bit of Newbury town before hopping back into the car. I got my picnic tea after a short drive, when Dad parked us next to a huge bus. Next, we got on that bus. It is the first bus I have ever been on that had carpet to snooze on! It didn't have many seats, but it did have a sort of kitcheny bit with a squirtyspout and a waterbowl in the worktop. It also had an upstairs with tables and seats. Dad got into the drivy seat and Mum and I went towards the back. I laid down on the carpet and Mum sat on the only seat on the lower floor level. There was another nice manhuman too. After a while of twiddling and fiddlng with things in the drivy area, Dad tworled the big wheel about and we started off. When we stopped some other nice manhumans and ladyhumans joined us, then loads and loads of big minihumans came on over the course of the evening. I got ooooooodles of fusses.

After a while of all this admiration, I had to take Mum workywalkies outside - well a dog just has to do what a dog has to do sometimes. I guided Mum around a pathway and found a suitable spot, did my necessaries and Mum wrapped my precious offering in a bag as usual. Then she asked me to find the way back. On the way, I led her to a bin, then we met up with loads more big minihumans. That meant loads more fusses and admiration while Mum got yacketying with them all, before asking me to 'Find the bus' again.

Back aboard the bus meant yet more fusses - and a few treats for being a good boy, before Dad got back in the drivyseat again and drove us back.

It is tiring receiving so much admiration. The hotbox is glowing nicely. It is cozy in here - Mum is on the sofa - that means just one sensible option - Mummysofasnuggles! Mmmmmnnnnnmmmmmmnnnnnmmmmm.......yawny-yawny-yawnzzzzzzz

Photo of me and Mum on the Bus of Hope.

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