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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Tails and Eyes...

Well, that was certainly a different day!

It started with a brief wander down the towpath - for doggy download duties - then a car ride to a HUGE humanvetplace. We have been there once before. I remembered! I found the door and the upsteps for Mum. We went upsteps - and up - and up - and up...... This was all new - we never went up that far before!

We went into a little room with a nice ladyhuman. Mum had to sit in a big chair while I looked after Dad at the other end of the room. The ladyhuman stuck tails all over Mum's head and on her eyes, then Mum had to stare at a tellybox that had loads of flickery-flashy squares on it. She then had to sit in darkness for a while before putting her head into a box which flashed megabright lights at her.

Once the tails were all removed, we were free to leave and Mum was relieved that it was not as bad as she had expected. I found the way out and straight to the car (well, via a tree!). We then went into a big townyplace. Mum says it was called Oxford. It was great to be strutting my stuff guiding Mum on new routes and dodging and weaving a way through all the crowds. I got to meet and greet a couple of doggy pals too. One was a little Staffie x Rodesian Ridgeback girlypup named Bonnie. She was great fun - I would have loved to play properly with her but, of course, I coudn't as I was on duty, but we enjoyed a bit of kanoodling. Bonnie was with a ladyhuman and a manhuman who was lying in a bedcover-with-no-bed in a doorway. They were nice humans but Bonnie was much more fun! A bit later, I found myself nose-to-nose with a chocolate labrador; another brief chance for kanoodling! OK - I know I'm not supposed to - but - a puppy and a fellow labrador..... How could I possibly resist? Ahem!

The hugenormous humanvets called John Radcliffe Hospital.

Mum with tails attached staring at the flashing tellybox.

Mum with her head inside the flashybox.

Meeting and greeting Bonnie.

Meeting and greeting choccylab.

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