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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I don't think I will ever understand my humans!

This world of mine gets no less crazy!

The day started off fine - a quick jaunt along the towpath for a doggy download, then a car ride to church. All good so far. Then, just when I thought i might get chance to do some hoovering duty, a minihuman came at me. He was an OK minihuman, I survived the patting of little paws and prodding of little pawpointers, then I rolled over on my back and showed him my best bits! He gave me quite a nice tummyrub. His attentions were worth enduring! I got up from that to resume my efforts to hoover and that was it; chances over! We were off again. Leaving, via the human spending rooms, then the bushes outside. Into the car again - for a long drive.

The destination meant another minihuman: little Hallie! We were at Rosie and James' house. There is one especially good bit of this house to visit: the bit by the back door. The bit where the hissing furball abandons his yummies! I zoomed straight to it - only to find that James had been a meanie and had picked up the bowl before I got there! Harrrrrumph! I had to make do with hoovering the few tiny morsels left on the floor. I went out into the garden and registered my protest on a fence post!
We didn't stay very long - just long enough for Hallie to chase me around the kitchen and lounge a couple of times. She really has got the knack of this four-legged walking thing. I think she has learned well from the master: Me

Next, we were back in the car again, but all of our stuff was missing, Mum was in the back seat, along with a very loud Hallie in her special seat, then Dad was in Mum's seat in the front and Rosie was in the driving seat! I still had my bed in the boot though. So that was OK. We went a little way - and found ourselves at Papa's home. (It is a very short house - it has no stairs inside). I do love visiting Papa. Not only do I get freedom to water his garden, but also, he simply cannot stop finding me yummies! He seems super impressed with my front paws. If I wop his front paws with mine - one at a time, he produces carrots, chewbars and even biccies! My paws do a lot of wopping

Next, was another brief visit back to Rosie and James's - just long enough for me to have my dinner there. Then we left and Mum said "Oaks, Into the car". I went to our car. "No. Not that car. This car. Oakie come". My bed was there - in the boot of Rosie's car! We have driven all the way back to our floatyboatyhome in it, leaving our car behind! All our stuff is in Rosie's car. It seems that Rosie's car is now our car, and our car is Rosie's car! Confused? Yep. Me too

At least Rosie's car drove us back via a park where I got in a good game of loony-ball-fetch! That was a very welcome blast off of pent up energy! Now, the hotbox is glowing, I've taken Dad for a wander around the block and the tickydisk on the wall is saying sofa-snuggle-o'clock! Lap at the ready Mum.......

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