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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Parp Parp!

'Poop factory'
'Bone bum'
'Parpy pooch'

Just a few of the names Mum has called me today! She says she should buy shares in the poo bag company. She says it is payback for my delicious bone-munching over the last couple of days. She says that 8 doggydownloads of concrete conkers in a day is a record.

I think that the first four names in the list above are explained by the bone. The others, it would seem, have something to do with my clever discovery this morning. I discovered that I can open the front doors of our floatyboatyhome. That meant I was also able to help myself to some playtime with passing pooch pals. That, in turn, meant that I discovered a new swimming point very near to home. That, in its turn, meant that I may have perhaps got a bit wet when Mum didn't really appreciate it. That, in its turn, meant that Mum has had to stroke the floor rather a lot. Heeheehee....errrr....I mean....Ooops! Sorry Mum!

I think I made up for it by all my good working this afternoon and evening though. We went to Newbury where I workywalkied Mum all around town and then brought her home on the bus, without Dad. That meant I had to help to get her safely across a big busy road after we got off the bus (and after a delectable ear rub from the bus driverman!), and then all the way back to our floatyboatyhome. Mum was very pleased with me. She proved it with a yummy when we got home!
Now, I have just been curled up in a tight ball, with my nose tucked neatly by my tail. Then there was a loud squeaky pfffft followed by the most awful niff! I had to run away! I am now safely stretched out again with my nose planted firmly by Mum's bum instead - much safer! ........

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