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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Home. Well, Briefly...

We went home! Proper home! Our floatyboatyhome! Yayyyyy! I got to snooze for a while on MY bed (well...my end of the sofa!).

Mum and Dad didn't do any snoozing there though - Dad was busy twiddling and vvvvrrrvvvvrrrrring with a noisy monster with a long nose that sucked everything up. Mum was doing ooooooodles of her stroking-everything-with-a-wet-cloth stuff. She also did a whole load of vvvvrrrvvvvrrrrring too. Some bits inside our floatyboaty home are slightly different from before and the warmrainroom is in bits, but it is HOME! After all the stroking and vvvvrrrvvvvrrrrring, and a load of putting things in cupboards, Mum and Dad did finally sit down on the sofa with me. They seemed to enjoy that - with mugs of that hot brown stinky water stuff of course. I enjoyed the opportunity for a bit of a sofasnuggle with Mum. Don't tell her that meant I wasn't quite on 'my' bed. Well.....I think my tail was still on it so that makes it OK.....right?!!!

We are back aboard our temporary floatyboatyhome now but there has been loads of yacketying going on between Mum and Dad, and the nice manhuman Dave from the boatyard. For now though - I shall simply enjoy Mum's sofasnuggles here. I don't really mind which sofa it is .....but...... home was super nice for that while.

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