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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tiny Socks, and NO BEACH!

Huff! A trip to Bournemouth - but no beach! Humph! I think a serious mistake has been made today! I tried my bestest to guide Mum (with Dad tagging along too) down through town to the gardens and thus onto the beach - but she was way too stubborn. I could not persuade her, no matter how much I sped up when going in that direction, then slowed down to a plod when going the other way. She just won't follow my instructions sometimes!

Our first port of call was that place called Poole, where I guided Mum through the shoppyplace to find Boots. Then I found upstairs and straight into the humanvets place to see Kara, the nice ladyhuman who has been trying to sort out Mum's hurty paws.
Kara got Mum up high on a big chair, with her paws sticking out on the end, then she did a bit of poking and prodding - I came close to supervise and make sure Mum wasn't getting damaged. She wasn't. It was OK. Her mouth was up at the corners. I laid down again!

After leaving there, I guided Mum back through the shoppyplace again. There are no cars here but we had to stop at a gate to wait for a big rumbly train to go past. While we were waiting, I met up with Socks. He is a tiny weenie 16 week old Chihuahua puppy. He was so tiny that, even when he stretched up on his hind legs, I still had to bend down to greet him! I would have loved to had the chance to play with him but couldn't. It was fun to meet and greet though.

We carried on through town and found a human yummyery. We sat outside while Mum and Dad tortured me with smells of forbidden delicacies. I tried to squeak to a passing colleague Guide Dog but to no avail. He/she was being super good at not being distracted while working. Mum says I should take note....... Hmmmm!

Another car ride took us to the flat where we found my humanfriendman. He was all covered in white splodges and dots. The flat doesn't look much like Granny and Grandpa's flat anymore. It is all white and bright inside and it smells of the white splodges and dots. There was a big bucket on the floor that I almost stuck my nose in but that too was really pongy with the same white stuff.

We didn't stay long - just long enough for me to get some superb fusses before we set off again.

Next stop was in Bournemouth town centre where I guided Mum to Specsavers. She took all of her eyewindows and was hoping to come away needing less of them, but to no avail. She still has them all! Apparently they are all different to help with different levels of her good eyes days and bad eyes days. I enjoyed a snooze on the carpet while all the inevitable yacketying went on! The ear rub from the ladyworkyhuman was good though!

It was after leaving there that I tried so desperately to lead Mum to the only proper destination in Bournemouth, but it seems the beach was simply not on today's agenda! I shall have to try harder next time.

After returning to our floatyboatyhome, we ate, then headed off out once again - to meet church humanfriends. I enjoyed a nice snooze while they did yet more yacketying - loads of it! What do they find to yip so much about?

Two photos of my meet and greet time with tiny Socks today.


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