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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Back Home Again...

Hmmmummmph! No more sleepover. No more Monty fun. We left him behind and headed off in the car again. We did enjoy a nice walkies first though - around a whole network of twittens around Monty's home. I had to workywalkies guiding Mum and so showing Monty what I'm here for. Monty got to run around a bit on one of those leads that grows and shrinks. I didn't mind though. I was happy doing my stuff.

After this, we went back to Monty's home but didn't go in. We said our goodbyes at the door and got into the car. We drove for a little way then went into a big noisy building with lots of floatyboats and bits of floatyboats. We went into a little room with a nice manhuman called Bob. He did good eartickles! I liked Bob. I snoozed on his carpet while all the inevitable yacketying went on. After a while of this, they all got up and left me in Bob's little room! "Oakie Stay" said Mum. Well, I had no blimmin choice did I? They shut the door on me! I just settled down for a bit more of a snooze while Dad apparently did my job, taking Mum to see some floatyboats. Apparently I wouldn't have been able to walk on the open grid platform thingy. That's why I had to stay behind.

After that, another bit of a car ride took us to a completely new place. Mum says it is called Stratford upon Avon. She says the big building by the water is very old and something to do with some manhuman who lived long ago and did lots of squiggling with markysticks. I was totally unimpressed! But I did thoroughly enjoy the chance to super strut my stuff guiding Mum on a lovely long workywalkies around the area, including a good length of towpath: right where we belong! That was the bestest bit!

The final long drive got us back to our floatyboatyhome. Just long enough for me to take Dad walkies (he said he needed to stretch his legs after all that driving - I was, of course, very happy to help!), have my dinner and then go back out again. This time, a shortish car ride took us to a building where I took Mum and Dad upstairs into a room. There we found some familiar nice human pals. I greeted everyone bofore enjoying a good snooze on the carpet while they all yackety-yacked their way through the evening. Apparently it was called a training course. I didn't hear any whistles or smell any treats though, so not my kind of training!

Now, Mum's lap is dragging my head onto it for a good pillow - it is making my head very heavy - and my eyelids are sooooooo heavy they won't stay up........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................

Photo of Me guiding Mum on the towpath beside a lock in Stratford Upon Avon.

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