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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Huff, huff and Triple Huff!

Sooo very close! Sooo very yummy! Sooo very should have been mine! Sooo very should have been quicker! Humph!

Mum called me a liberty-taker. I would much have preferred to have been a big-lump-of-beef-taker!

We went yummiesshopping. Mum couldn't find my noseband (heehee!) so we had to go without it. That meant that a) my mouth opened wider and b) Mum had much less control over where my nose wandered. We were by one of those cold shelf bits in the shop. Mum was searching for something she calls meat. I call it mouth-drip-overdrive! There was a delectable big lump of seriously mouthwatering red yumptiousness right at my height. I'm certain it was meant for me. I ALMOST got it. My mouth was right there - just about to open wide.......'OI! Don't you dare!' was the very rude interruption! Huffffffff!

Oh well, it was an escape from all the vvvvvvrrrrrrrring and ddddddrrrrrring and stinky-stroking-wood-with-a-whiskerstick stuff that Richard the boaty-mendy-man was doing inside our boat. He was using all sorts of very noisy toys to make holes in the wood and then other toys to twisty-stab the wood with spikes. Then he used a whiskerstick thing to stroke some very stinky stuff onto the wood. Phoooaaarrrr!

Ooohh! Poo! Dad has just found my noseband. Harrumph!

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