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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mum - You Got it Wrong!!!!

Woohooo! Home! Proper home! To stay! Yayyyy!

We left our temporary floatyboatyhome this morning, went to church, did a good workywalkies around Newbury, then came back to the floatyboatyvets yard. We came straight aboard our floatyboaty. We didn't go to the temporary one. Well....I didn't. I stayed with Mum aboard our home while Dad went too and fro fetching everything off the temporary one. All is now back home. Yippeeeeee!

On the workywalkies, Mum made a very serious mistake: She allowed me to guide her along the busy streets, down through the tunnels under the road, then along to the 'find the button' crossing. That was all fine. When we got to the other side of all the crossings though, she told me to 'find left'. I stopped dead in my tracks and gave her my bestest 'No. That's wrong. We need to go right' glare. I even tried to steer her right. She was most insistent though; 'Not today. Find left'.
But....but....but....Pets at Home is RIGHT! Instead, we had to go left and carry on walking until we reached that blimmin Dullelm place! Huffffff! Then we went to Tesco's and she wouldn't let me lead her to the doggy aisle either! The injustice! Huff, Huffety Huffpuff!

At least, I got some recompense in the form of a yummy cowtail to munch on my bed before settling down for sofasnuggles. Now, the hotbox is glowing all cozy and Mum seems to be using my head as a desk for her tippetytappetytoy!

'Out is this way!' me sitting on top step leading to doors on temporary floatyboatyhome.

Me lying on my bed (the end of the sofa) on our floatyboatyhome, munching a cowtail. Mega Ted is by my shoulder.

Deskhead. Me curled up for sofasnuggles on Mum's lap. She has her minilaptop tippetytappetytoy resting on my head while she tippetytappeties on it with her pawpointers. It is yatterying away in my ear.

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