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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


We are in a humankennelblock! I think this means it is time to relax! Aaaaaahhhhhhh! All that packing and sorting is done! Granny/Grandpa's flat is empty. A nice man came this morning and started using a funny huffy thing to huff the wall in one of the rooms - then he used a shiny thing to scrape off the huffed wall-skin! Most peculiar! We left him to it.

I took Mum walkies while Dad finished off getting everything packed and into the car. This was a good move on our part! It started off good and just got better! A quick jog around the Clifftop Park led on down the zigzag and on to big zoomies on the beach! As if that wasn't fun enough - we walked on along the beach (well, Mum walked - I zoomed and sniffed and romped and rolled and zoomed a bit more!) towards the stickyout platform and we met up with Alfie! (Oh - and his humans too!). Alfie is a 4-and-a-half-month-old Guide Dog Puppy in Training. He is a black 3 quarters labrador, 1 quarter retriever. More importantly, he was fabulous fun! We had a wonderufl, fantabulous, amazing, fandabbydoozee time racing and rolling and chasing and - well - playing boydog games alll over the acres of lovely sand! It was the bestest morning I have had for ages! Thanks Alfie - oh - and thanks Carol and Mr Carol - Alfie's PuppyWalkers! I love you! I needed that!

Photo - taken by Alfie's Puppydaddy - shows us both doing a 'sit' on the beach - Alfie is on the left, a little smaller than me. I am on the right with a huge a tongue-out smile on my face. Behind us is the vast expanse of sand of Bournemouth beach.

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