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Friday, 3 February 2017

New Eyewindows...

Annie was hugenormous! Three of me in one dog! Mum says she was a Saint Bernard. Her manhuman said her numbers are 90kg! That is bigger than three of me! She was rather nice though! I tried to get her to play with me but, after just a couple of lumbering ferlumphs of her enormous paws, she was too tired to chase me anymore. She just bumbled over and leaned against Mum. Annie's little doggybrother was riding in a wheelieseat! He was a three-legged Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Apparently he has some little beastie called Arthur Eye Toes in his other shoulder (the one with a paw still attached to it) and so can't walk very far. He was good to sniffygreet though.

Shortly before meeting these two no-chase buddies, I had had a good game of chase and ....wellllll.....boydog games with a fellow black Labrador called Jasper. He was great fun.

Before that, I had guided Mum along the pawmenade. She didn't let me freerun today - she said the ocean was way too angry and she didn't want me running near it. It was rather noisy-lumpy-frothy!

All of this came after taking Mum to Specsavers to get her new eyewindows. She says they are making her feel a bit sozzled because they are very different and will take some getting used to. I'm sure I heard the lady in Specsavers say they were fairy fossils.......

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