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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hot Huffing Froth Monsters.

Back in action! Workywalkies around Newbury! Yayyyy! Mum only had to remind me a few times to resist a sniff at a corner or a tree......ahem!

It was good to be strutting my stuff again and I think Mum was happy too! We wandered around town a bit and I remembered where to 'Find Tesco', 'Find Costa' (where I got to lie down for a snooze while there was loads of human yacketying going on) and 'Find Sainsbury's'. This all included a stroll along the towpath. That was good until we came to a stretch where some manhumans were vzvzvzvzvzvzvzvzing at some trees with noisy toys. I didn't like the noisy toys and I REALLY did't like the hot crackly, sparky, smoky, stinky piles of treebits they were doing. I didn't want to go past but Mum told me it was OK and we survived the passage!

Mum then asked me to 'Find the bridge' and we went up and over the canal and straight on up the road, across at the kerb, then on again. Next instruction was to 'find the door right'. I did, of course, but I kinda wish I hadn't! Inside that door was a worst dream come real! The whole place was full of huge frothmonster machines and hothuff machines! EEEEEK! One of the frothmonsters was already busy churning its huge mouth around a whole load of Mum and Dad's fursubstitutes. When it finally allowed Dad to open its mouth, everything was removed and fed to a hothuff machine. Apparently, this is good and pleasing to humans! Huh??? I just kept a low profile by lying down. I did sneak a couple of fusses from willing volunteers . It all turned good at the end though when our pals Terry and Tracy came in to feed their fursubstitutes to a hothuff machine. I enjoyed a wondrous waggy licky kissy reunion – especially with Terry’s ears! Yummmm!

Me in front of the hothuff machine that was huffmunching Mum and Dad’s fursubstitutes.

A bigger view of me in front of lots of the beastie machines.

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