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Friday, 24 February 2017

Huff, Huff and Triple Huff!

Huffety Fuffety Smack. That about sums up this morning's workywalkies!

I took Mum on a long workywalkies on yet another new route - new to both of us! Dad had been staring at his pooter and then gave Mum directions for the way to go. Of course, I was listening too and off we set. It was a longish walkies along a very busy road. (Of course, we were on the pavement, but the cars and big chuggy lorries were wizzing by us on the road). The pavement then dipped away onto a path a little bit away from the road. That was nicer but it was still very very huffyfuffy. Sometimes, it made Mum wobble and struggle to walk against it. It made my ears flap and stick out sideways - a most twerpy look! Several times, the huffyfuffy air picked up twigs, rubbish and even small branches and smacked me with them! The worst one was a prickly branch that got launched straight at my nose! Not impressed! It would have been much more tolerable if it fuffed something yummy at me!

I did have to work hard for Mum - she says that the huffety fuffety air was making it hard for her to hear what the traffic was doing and we had quite a lot of little sideroads to cross. I did good though! We made it safely to a place where we stopped and waited for Dad to find us in the car. Then we went on for a bit more work - but in a rather more calm environment; Sainsbury's! It was all good though - we got carrots! I even got a little carrot at the checkout! Yummmmm!

This evening, after evening walkies, we went out again! Always exciting! We went to a nice big house where we found lots of human friends. I got to meet and greet and glean fusses from them all! I ALMOST got to hoover a nice big crumb off the low table but meanie Mum 'Oi-ed' me just a micromoment too soon. Hufff!

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