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Monday, 27 February 2017


Schweeeesh! What a day!

A shortish workywalkies with Mum - ending in a very brief but just-about-worth-having freerun in Padworth Village Hall meadow (that will never be as good again though - not unless Puppy Leo comes back!), then a ride to church. No time for my usual hoovering duties afterwards today though - we were off for another car ride - this time ending at Debbi and Ryan's house - with the huge wonderful garden - and the very noisy shiny roary-birds going overhead. We only stayed a little while - just long enough for Dad and Ryan to bring a whole load of boxes in from the car for Debbi to unpack (nothing interesting inside. Nothing edible) and for mugs of that hot black/brown water to be drunk.

 Next came another car ride - this time ending at a big building in Newbury. A building we have been to before, but this was a different thing going on. There were lots of people in rows of seats. We joined them (well, I wasn't on a seat of course!). Part way through, I had to guide Mum up some steps and onto the highfloor. Mum got given a black lollipop and did some yacketying into it. It was wierd; I could hear her next to me as well as from the other end of the hall! Do I have two Mums? One normal and one all boomy loud

After this sitting in rows bit, which included lots of different people doing lollipop yacketying, plus some human howling accompanied by all sorts of bangbangtoys, twangtwangtoys, black-and-white-teeth-toys and tootyparpytoys, we went to the back of the big hall. There we stood by a table with loads of flappysheets and a couple of clicketyfingerstoys on it. I just had to stand there, look handsome and absorb all the fusses and admiration. Mum and Dad, along with friends, John and Barbara, did oooooooodles of yacketying and giving out of flappysheets. I did get my picnic dinner here. That bit was good! The bestest bit though was meeting Henry - a fellow Guide Dog. Henry and I have met before and it was nice to sniff-greet again. Henry is a very tall black labrador x retriever. (No shorty jokes please @StephenGardner!

Now, having been to a human yummyery on the way (I had a bit of hoovering opportunity there - some of those little yellowish stick things on the floor just couldn't be left!, we are back aboad our (temporary) floatyboatyhome

Time for a bit of bone-munching work methinks. Well, it is Sunday! Sunday is not complete without bone work!

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