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Monday, 20 February 2017

I'm Back!!!!

Mummy and Daddy came back! Team Clarke reunited! Yaaaayyyyyy!

My tail went a tad berserk when the dingdong dinged and Aunty Julie opened it. I have had a fantabulous time on my holibobs with Aunty Julie and Uncle Paul, but I was megawaggyhappy to be reunited with Mummy and Daddy.

We have returned to a floatyboatyhome, but it is not OUR floatyboatyhome. That seems to be tethered in front of us, but we are on a dinky little one. I don't understand, but I don't care...... sofasnuggles with Mummy is welcome no matter which boat!

Here is a little photo montage of my hollibobs time. I have played with Patterson the Guide Dog Puppy in training, plus his buddy Josca the withdrawn Guide Dog Stud Breeder boy, plus a greyhound named Izzy. I have had walkies and freeruns EVERY day! I have played with lots of toys and snoozed in front of the crackly sizzly hot thing in the wall. I have had a luxury posh pooch bed and oodles of space to stretch out and explore. It has been fantabulous! THANK YOU for having me Aunty Julie and Uncle Paul.

Me with my big rawhide chewbar. Standing holding it in my mouth in Julie's lounge. Wooden floor, sofa behind me.

Me enjoying a cozy snooze in front of roaring open fire. Lying on fluffy grey rug with brick fireplace containing open fire. Basket of logs on LHS, bucket of coal on RHS.

Playdate with Josca. Me standing by Josca's head, Josca lying on his back with his best bits nearest camera, legs wide apart, head twisted round playing with me. Josca is a fluffy golden retriever.

Playtime with Izzie the Greyhound.

Guide Dogs are not supposed to play with sticks! Well, I am not playing with it, I rescued it from the cold ground! Look, I even have a mouthful of grass that I rescued too!

Playing on the white crunchy grass on Greenham Common. Wearing my hi-viz yellow numpty coat that has very wrong instructions printed in squiggles on it. It says "Off Duty Guide Dog" Well...that bit is right, but then it says "Do not feed me". I'm sure that word 'not' shouldn't be there!

Please play with pink oinky pig with me.

From Left to Right - Me, Patterson the Guide Dog pup, and Josca. Snelsmore Common. All three of us sitting on the grass with wintery trees behind us.

Me Patterson and Josca again. I think I may have got a bit distracted. The two goody-four-pawses are still sitting! Oops!

Me, Patterson and Josca sitting on tarmac surface, humans legs and a wooden seat behind us.

MUD! glorious mud! Freerun with Patterson and Josca through the wooded area of Snelsmore Common.

I had to pose for this one! Sitting on grass, looking handsome!

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