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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I really wonder about my humans...

Humans just get weirder
Today, we drove to Newbury, then walked to Victoria Park where we met a nice ladyhuman. Mum and Dad did a whole load of yacketying with this ladyhuman: Something about hiring the park for a fete in June - I have no idea what this means but it sounds kinda exciting I think. This was all OK because, while they were yacketying, I got to show off my best nutbum zoomies when a poochpal came along and persuaded Mum to remove my harness and let me play!

Next came a bit of workywalkies around town, then a stop in a human hot-brown-drink place in a tiny little twitten. I got some fusses and admiration in there! :) Then came the weirdest happening: We went into the big open bit of town where there are sometimes shops with flappy walls. No flappy shops today but lots of humans - many of them dressed in peculiar fursubstitutes. They all lined up and, when a big loud dingaling dingalinged, they started running. They were carrying flat bowls on sticks (rather like the ones Mum sometimes uses in the kitchen) and, at different stages of the running thing, they stopped, kind of flapped the flat bowls into the air and sent a flat disc up. They then tried to catch the flat disk again in the flat bowl, then ran a bit further! Huhhhh??????

Apparently, this was all great fun and much appreciated by the noisy onlooking crowds who did loads of barking and howling and banging of front paws. It gave me chance to gain a few fusses!

Next came a pleasant wander along the towpath before getting back into the car to return to our temporary floatyboatyhome. After some further bone work, I went with Mum and Dad to check out our own floatyboatyhome. It has some new bits in the lounge area. The sofa doesn't look too comfy though - it has no cushions! I hope that is sorted out - it will make a very hard bed as it is! The warmrain room is rather odd now - it has no doors and bits are missing. The actual warmrainbox is still there though - no escaping that then!

This evening, Dad seems to have disappeared. Mum says he has gone to drive a big bus! That meant that I had to take Mum for a nice leisure walkies before my dinner. I managed to lead her happily to the best possible place to go - Padworth Meadow! Heehee! I had a great time zigzagging aroudn there while Mum plodded carefully around the pathway. It meant that my dinner was a bit late but I just about managed to survive!

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