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Monday, 6 February 2017

Topsy Turvy Land!

Eeeeekkkk! The whole world is now in boxes! Stacks and stacks of boxes. Mum seems to have gone into some kind of crazed overdrive with a ring thing - she keeps pulling off its skin from around and around it - then she sticks the skin all over the tops of these boxes and it seems to hold them shut. The then uses a very smelly markystick to squiggle strange markings on the boxes.

This morning a nice manhuman came and, after I had seized my opportunity for a fantablulous licky-waggy-megafuss greeting with him, he then joined forces with Dad in removing all the boxes and all the furniture. Granny and Grandpa's flat is now vast but very bare. It is all very strange and a bit unsettling. Mummycuddles needed - that makes it all feel better and safer.

I took Mum workywalkies into town this morning - that was a very welcome stint of normality. We went a new route to get there, via a shop where Mum did things the wrong way around! Surely, it is normal to leave a shop with items from the shop. Instead, when I took Mum to the checkout, she opened her backbag, took out a box and gave it to the ladyhuman at the checkout! She did the same in the little post office too! Life sure is topsy turvy!

The next bit was a bit more normal - Mum asked me to 'find Specsavers'. That involved a walk all the way around to the other side of town. No problem though. We went straight there and in the door. The nice ladyhuman in there did some strange twiddling things to Mum's new eyewindows. This seemed to make Mum's mouth go up at the corners. That made my tail wag!

My tail did a heck of a lot more wagging on the final bit of the trip though - I guided Mum back via the pawmenade and she let me enjoy a lovely FREERUN! Yippee! BIG zoomies on the soggy sand! I found a couple of doggy pals to play with too. That was very welcome! Thanks Mum!

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