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Saturday, 25 February 2017


I have a new best buddy. Guide Dog Puppy Leo (6 month old German Shepherd x Golden Retriever) came to play in the meadow in Aldermaston.

Leo is only 6 months old but he is hooooooge! His legs go on forever! I am deeply offended - Mum says he is super gorgeous! Oi! I think I am supposed to the the one who gets that kind of compliment!
It was a fabtabulous day though. I got to enjoy a good old romp and sniff around the meadow before Leo arrived - then the fun began! We did the bestest running and romping and chasing and chewing and rolling and.......well, just doing what a good, self-respecitng pair of Guide Dogs do when given freedom

I taught him what to do with a big chunky stick too. He watched and learned from the master! These jaws just have to be strength-tested from time to time and there is nothing better than a good chomp on a big log! Leo pinched it off me at one point but he was daft enough to put it down again! he didn't keep it for long

Alas, our playtime was not super long because Leo's humans (oh! Err.... I suppose I should have mentioned them! Stephen and Jacquie - our humanfriends from way oop north so we don't see them often enough! They are churchy people as well as Guide Dog Puppy Walkers) had to leave to go pick up some other humans. We did have to go to a human yummyery first - that was nice - we stayed outside! Apparently the skyglowball was warm enough for the humans to endure noshing in the garden. That meant that Leo and I kind of got away with a bit more kanoodling than we would have done inside that tiny yummyery place! Heehee

I hope Leo comes back soon - it was a smashing playdate!

Gleaming handsomeness! Close up of me lying on grass with sun making my black coat gleam. My bum is top left of picture, chest bottom right, head looking towards LHS.

A quiet few moments lying down on the grass.

Stick chewing time. Me in the foreground with a big chunky stick. Leo is learning - with a little stubby twig.

Leo watching the master.

Happily chewing!

A tangle of dogs! Leo in the foreground, me behind, all ears flapping, tails wagging, paws off the ground.

Leo watching closely as I get to work on this rather splendid chunk of wood. Me lying down, facing the camera with the large piece of branch between my front paws. Leo beside me standing watching intently.

Me protecting my stick!

Surveying the scene.

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