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Thursday, 23 February 2017


OK, I'm sat here at the pooter, my clicketypaws are ready for action........what sins do I have to confess today?

I do believe the answer is truly 'none'! I have been a good boy! I took Mummy for a nice workywalkies this morning - on a route we have never done before. I have taken Daddy walkies that way, but in the opposite direction, once, but this was a first for Mum. I must have done a good job of it because we seemed to end up in the freerun meadow place! Heehee! Well....it WAS on the way! And I had worked hard and done a good job of guiding Mum....... She enjoyed the wander around in the peace and quiet anyway! She was happily listening to all the featherballs doing their singing thing while I got on with the important task of catching up on all the doggygossip weemails.

This afternoon, Mum and Dad have both hijacked the pooters and have been totally engrossed in their clicketyfingersing stuff so I have simply had to get down to some serious work on my latest bone!

Photo shows me sitting at the table with a laptop open in front of me, looking very pensive.

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