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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I got Laughed at! HUFF!!!!

Catch up time. After all the excitement of the portrait draw yesterday, I didn't tell you about the nice red and white striped man in the red and white striped shop! He was a very nice man! I like him a lot! I think I have forgiven him for not having any bones last time we went there. This time, he not only gave me two bones, but also a serriously yummy thing. He said it was an ox tail. Well, I have no idea what an ox is, but it's tail was absolutely scrummylicious!

This was a nice reward for doing my duty guiding Mum. Dad abandoned us again - apparently he had to go to a humanvets a long way away to have something called a meddy call so he can drive big buses again. I don't understand, but I do know that I had to work my paws off in really yucky leakysky weather. I had to guide her into Westbourne, find the post office, then find the bus stop. After a bit of a ride on the bus, we were in a new place. I think it must have been some kind of bus playpark because there were loads of buses there! I had to find the door to take Mum inside something called the Dolphin Centre. Once we had walked through some of this place, we recognised a bit! Next command was 'find Boots'. Well, that I can do. No problem! Straight there, in the door - and - triumphant bum bounce! Well.....Mum did say 'clever boy!' Clever boys get yummies for being clever! Heehee!

Next it was 'find upstairs', then we were in the humanvets place where we found the nice lady Kara who is trying to sort out Mummy's ouchy back paws. Kara did some strange things with sticky squidgy stuff and big shiny snippyspikes and Mum's pawcover thingies. She also yipped something about injections into Mum's back paws. Mum really doesn't seem to be too impressed with that idea. Thankfully, it didn't happen this time. I got to take her home without spikes or nasty happenings.

The return journey was even more soggy and horrible. I really don't like working in the wet! Mum kept trying to tell me that we would get dry sooner if I stopped ploddypawsing and got on with the job. Hufff! I just don't do 'huppup' when I have drips in my eyes! The stop off in the yummyshop to meet that nice manhuman was a good respite! I liked that bit. Mum wouldn't let me carry the bag though!

Daddy did come back after it got dark and I was glad to see him again. I had to take him out again in the evening and the sogginess was a bit less soggy by then so it was OK.

Today, I took Mum into town via the Clifftop Park and she was really kind to me! Not only did she let me freerun through the park, but also down the zigzag path and onto the beach! Woooohooooo! Did I have a fab time! I found three pup pals to play a mega chase game with. There was a 5-month old English Setter with his 'brother' a 7-month old Gordon Setter, then along came a Rhodesian Ridgeback pup whose name or age I simply didn't get to find out - we were far too busy having a fantastic time running, rolling and chasing!

In town, a lady in a shop laughed at me because, she said, I looked all serious and professional in my harness - except for the blob of sand on my nose! Oops! That isn't part of the uniform is it?!!

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