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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I Went to the Beach!

Now that was what I call a good day of travelling. Not so much the actual car-riding bit - that's just boring - and a bit scary when the sky leaks coz it makes nasty loud shoosshy noises around the round humps in the boot where I travel. The destination was good though - Bournemouth!

Workywalkes around town to take Mum to Specsavers again - this time in a downstairs bit where a lady checked the tiny little squishy bowls that Mum seems to be putting in her eyes these days. It makes her look different - no eye windows! All seems to be declared good and Mum's mouth was up at the corners! I like that shape! Then we were off for more workywalkies - this time to a human yummyery. I was a good boy and snoozed under the table all the while Mum and Dad were noshing and they didn't drop even an atom! Huff! So, I grabbed my opportunity as soon as Mum stood up to leave: I nipped round into the next booth where a very nice manhuman and ladyhuman had dropped some hooverings! I did my duty and it made their mouths turn up at the corners too. For some peculiar reason, Mum didn't seem entirely impressed with my dutiful cleaning service! She apologised to the people for my cheek! I don't think that was at all necessary!

Next came a quick visit to Granny and Grandpa's flat where we found the nice manhumans who are doing lots of strange things to the walls and ceilings. It smelled really strange in there and one of the manhumans was stroking the ceiling with a funny flat thing and some smelly goo! Some of the walls were covered in that same goo too - but it was dry. There also seems to be a new miniroom in what was Granny's bedroom. Of course, there was a whole load of yacketying to be done, but I did get some nice fusses from those manhumans. I like them!

We then hopped back into the car and - oh! Joy of joys! We went ot the beach! Yaaaayyyhayyyyy! I got a freerun on the beach! I love the beach! I did big huge zoomies all over the beach! I ran and chased with a chocolate labrador on the beach! I digged the sand on the beach! I did more zoomies on the beach.......Oooooh! It was fab on the beach!

Now we are back aboard our temporary floatyboatyhome again in Aldermaston and I need to do a bit more work on my bone.

Did I mention I went to the beach?

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