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Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Mum says that good boys get yummies.

Today I took Mum to Pets at Home and she bought lots of big yummies.

Does that mean I have been a VERY good boy?

I must have done alright because, when we got back, I did get one of the big yummies - a big bone-shaped carrot biscuit! It didn't last long!

Mum is having a bad-eyes-day so I have had to strut my stuff for her. I took her into town and we found the talkybone shop. It seems that, because she is having a bad-eyes-day, she tried to to something to her talkybone to make it talk to her but, instead, she somehow managed to make it go poorly! Doh! The nice man in the shop tried to fix it for her while I greeted some admirers! Mum says he hasn't fixed it as well as he thought he had so it still keeps dinging and she can't read the messages that come with the dings! She says she really wants an eyephone now as it is much better for blind people. I've only ever seen anyone hold a talkybone to their ear - not their eye! I fail to fathom this one! Another human oddity I suspect!

After that, we continued our walk around the town area and then found the most important shop of all - Pets at Home! I sniffed that out long before we got there! It made my paws work much faster!
Inside, I met a chocolate Labrador named Hartley. He taught me how to rummage among the bags of yummies on the shelf to find the spilled treats! We worked hard between us to hoover all the mess left by the careless humans! It is our duty to clean up after them isn't it? We can't possibly commit the crime of letting good food go to waste!

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