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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Bras, Bouncers & Nutshells

Yaaaayyyyy!!!! Daddy is back again! And, it seems, he is staying now. There seems to be some talk about us all going away in a few days though.....I shall wait and see......
I celebrated Dad's return by walking him off his paws this afternoon! Heehee! I took him for a lovely long walk all around this Newbury place. That was after walking Mum and Debbi into town this morning. I had to take them to a shop called Marks and Sparks to do something called 'bra-shopping' for Debbi. She bought a white thing but it didn't look much like my bra! No yellow handle or front strap for a start! After that, we continued on through the town to Lidl's - that meant we had to go past Pets At Home.....welllll....I couldn't possibly walk straight past could I? I took Debbi in to show her the fluffy bouncers that she loves! We went into another  section of the shop too where there were hissing furballs! Ugghhh! Thankfully, we didn't hang around there for long! I didn't manage to drag Mum and Debbi to the area that always needs a good hoovering! Huff! I had to content myself with the nutshells on the floor in Lidl's instead.
We walked back via the towpath and Victoria Park but I didn't get a freerun. Mum said something about me doing way too much scavenging in Victoria Park. I don't know what she can possibly mean. There is surely no such thing as too much hoovering!

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